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illo tempore mihi visum est

Jul 24 '14



imagine jim and bones high fiving each other now and then and spock assuming they’re in an S&M relationship because they keep spanking each other’s hands





"surak take the wheel" im dying

Jul 24 '14

I wanted to do the selfie meme and technically baking-soda tagged EVERYBODY so here have some selfies! 

  1. the beginning of the end of my career as a classicist STOP CALLING ME VERGIL WE ARE STILL ON BREAK
  2. showing off my Mario jersey bc my friends are the best
  3. introducing my panda to the internet! 
  4. oblig artsy selfie
  5. documenting the ONE AND ONLY TIME my winged eyeliner was on point
  6. trying to decide if my new lipstick is too pink

hmmmm I tag… everybody who wants to participate in general, and baseln, aramley and ghostchups in particular! unless you don’t want to post pics of yourself on the internet in which case post pics of your pets instead. 

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Jul 22 '14

Youve been asleepCap. For almost 70 years.

this sequence is one of the most visually stunning ones I’ve ever seen. I wait for it in every single Steve vid and I am always happy when it appears! 

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Jul 22 '14


smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

modern AU of A:TLA is everything I live for. 

Jul 20 '14
  • society: oh you have your period? well you have two options.
  • woman: okay.
  • society: you can use sanitary pads, which make you feel like you are wearing a diaper, and have the added fun benefit of being extremely uncomfortable and give you the extreme paranoia that they will not be enough coverage and at any moment with any movement or sudden sneeze you'll bleed over onto your clothes and walk around all day with blood stained trousers while everyone points and laughs at you.
  • woman: sounds awful. what's my second option.
  • society: a penis shaped wad of cotton that you shove uncomfortably inside yourself and it catches the blood before it leaves your body.
  • woman: still seems pretty awful.
  • society: wait! it gets better! there's the outside chance that using those will kill you!
  • woman: well, are they at least free? like how men can have access to free condoms? i mean, it's not like i'm choosing for this to happen.
  • society: HAHAHA! that's funny. no, you have to pay for them. and they're really fucking expensive.
  • woman:
  • society: oh, and if you tell anyone that you ARE on your period, your judgement, opinions, and reactions are going to be dismissed as the crazy ramblings of a lunatic.
  • woman:
  • society:
  • woman: i think i'll go with my third option.
  • society:
  • woman:
  • society: what third option?
  • woman: i think i'll bleed on everything you love.
Jul 20 '14

iTunes Library Write Up

How many songs: 6224

Sort by song title: 
First Song: A - Barenaked Ladies

Last Song: 2010 - Apocalyptica

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: Meow Meow Introduces the Grand Theft Orchestra - Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra (0:18)
Longest Song:  Symphony No. 9 in D minor, op. 125 IV.  Presto; Allegro molto assai (Alla marcia); Andante maestoso; Allegro energico, sempre ben marcato; Prestissimo. / Ludwig van Beethoven (24:22)

Sort by artist:
First Artist: Aaron Copland
Last Artist: 1997

Sort by album: 
First Album: (A)Spera - Mirah

Last Album: 8701 - Usher

Top Three Most Played Songs:   

  • For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti - Sufjan Stevens (2708)
  • Farewell No. 1 - Kathleen Battle & Shigeru Umebayashi (2245)
  • Sæglópur - Sigur Rós (2081)


Death: Death - White Lies
All My Life - Foo Fighters
Love: Love - Jenny McCormick

Hate: Hate On Me - Glee Cast
You: Ache For You - Ben Lee
Sex: Alien Sex Fiend - Garbage

I’m really bored lying in bed trying not to aggravate my sprained ankle so why not right

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Jul 20 '14

Oh, you’re acting your thin disguise
All your perfectly delivered lines
They don’t fool me
You’ve been lonely, too long


clintasha for liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife

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Jul 19 '14


 classics major more like “dick jokes and excessive feels about dead people” major

sounds accurate. 

Jul 16 '14


The England women’s squad is just full of wonderful like there’s a woman that came out earlier this year and who’s now expecting twins with her girlfriend and there’s a woman that pretended to be a boy as a child and cut all her hair off to be able to play football and there’s a woman that was homeless for six years while still playing for her country and nobody knew and there’s a woman that overcame alcoholism and self-harm and depression to be one of the most famous female footballers in the world like I have so much respect I COULD SCREAM.

England’s WNT is the greatest <3 <3 <3

Jul 16 '14



"Word Crimes" is better than "Blurred Lines". 

"Your participles are dangling!"

presented without comment

Jul 16 '14

Casey Stoney & Megan Harris Expecting Twins

One of the reasons I came out about my sexuality last February was because my partner and I were planning on having a family and I am so excited to say we are expecting twins later this year.
We have been planning this for a while and I just wanted people to know who I really was and what I was before we took the next step of having a family together. Now it is close to becoming a reality, it will be the most amazing moment of my life.


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Jul 16 '14

This Week’s Cover: Our 2014 ‪#‎SDCC‬ preview gives you an exclusive first look at the big, bad robot causing all the grief in Avengers: Age of Ultron—Marvel’s biggest movie ever. 
Photo Credit: Marco Grob/Marvel 2014

not shown: the pile of boxes that RDJ is standing on in order to be the same height as Chris Evans. 


This Week’s Cover: Our 2014 ‪#‎SDCC‬ preview gives you an exclusive first look at the big, bad robot causing all the grief in Avengers: Age of Ultron—Marvel’s biggest movie ever. 

Photo Credit: Marco Grob/Marvel 2014

not shown: the pile of boxes that RDJ is standing on in order to be the same height as Chris Evans. 

Jul 15 '14

Question for tumblr librarians



I was having a conversation with some friends and they started asking about librarianish drinks, so librarians of tumblr, here’s my task for you!

Please reblog this post with the name (and recipe, if you’d like!) of your favorite cocktail(s) or alcoholic drinks! Let’s make a catalog (pun intended) of hard drinks that librarians love!

One of my favorites is the nice and classic bourbon and ginger. :)

I am an old man on the inside because all I want to drink ever is scotch, basically.

I have sworn off the booze until I’m a little less chronically sickly :( but my fave when I am drinking is an amaretto sour! 

Jul 15 '14
"Six mistakes mankind keeps making century after century:
Believing that personal gain is made by crushing others;
Worrying about things that cannot be changed or corrected;
Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it;
Refusing to set aside trivial preferences;
Neglecting development and refinement of the mind;
Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do."

Cicero, 106 BC - 43 BC (via lazyyogi)

some nuclear-level truth bombs there from a man living millennia before they split the atom

Jul 10 '14

Hey guys, I’m going to Montreal for the weekend! So I’m not going to be around much online until Monday, and also if you want a postcard, message me your address and the name you want it addressed to and you shall receive :)

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